Prior to going to the wholesale auction, Baum Motor Company will offer vehicles for sale to the public at wholesale prices. These vehicles will be clearly marked with hang tags at the lowest wholesale price. All vehicles will be sold completely AS-IS with NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.

  • A general safety inspection will be completed by the Baum Motor Company Service Department and the results will be given to the customer prior to purchase.
  • No repairs will be made on these vehicles prior to the completion of the sale.
  • Dealership will initially clean vehicle after trade-in date, but no cleaning for delivery will be made after that point.
  • No gas will be put in these vehicles.
  • Each customer has the opportunity to have these vehicles checked over by a mechanic or the Baum Motor Company service facility prior to purchasing.
  • These vehicles will be available for sale for a maximum of 20 days from the date of trade-in. Baum Motor Company will not hold vehicles.
  • Payment is due in full up front.